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    Brent smith is an Edmonton based illustrator and tattoo artist. He has a basement, two dogs and an arsenal of art supplies and gumption.

Fictional Engineers in Popular Culture

Originally posted on Blue Pigeons:
Recently, my little 10 year old cousin Olivia asked me what I was studying at university and I promptly told her engineering. She looked at me and said that that was really boring because it just made her think of a car mechanic. I rolled my eyes, this of course…


YEG Tattoo Flash.

Hey everyone! Thought I would give you beautiful people a sneak peek of a new collaboration between myself and the Edmonton Arts Council. I took five pieces of public art from around our city and turned them into 1.5 x 2.5  inch tattoo designs! These delicious little temporary tattoos will be handed out at various … Continue reading

Second Annual Tattoo Fundraiser for SCARS!

Sunday June 23rd, at Shambhala, 10416 82 ave TATTOO FUNDRAISER & BAKE SALE EXTRAVAGANZA !!! IN SUPPORT OF SECOND CHANCE ANIMAL RESCUE SOCIETY http://www.scarscare.org   Last year’s fundraiser was such a huge success, over $6500 was raised for SCARS! Let’s try and top that this year! I did up some Littlest Hobo T-shirts for the … Continue reading


Satantelope thigh piece!


It’s been a while since I’ve added new content, how have you been? Enough about you, here is a look at what I’ve been up to lately. All of these pictures are posted to the appropriate page as well. Looks like 2013 is going to be an interesting year, some art work of mine will … Continue reading

…when you hear the secret word…Pee Wee Herman, a Digital Art Piece!

Finished off the Pee Wee Herman piece for the Atomic Zombie art show in November. Click the link for more details. Have a great frame picked out for this one, if you want a print get a hold of me and I’ll get some extras made! Sketched this bad boy with prisma pencils, inked over … Continue reading

I am The Bat!

Finished a digital batman piece today, tons of fun to work on. Making a limited amount of prints, if you would like one let me know!

I know you are!

Rainy day art piece, first sketch in a childhood obsessions line. Lots of obscure weirdness to come!

There will be blood!

  Just finished a little 4×6 add for a local rugby team. They had me at, apocalypse, zombie, and pin up. Two days of tinkering around on this little gem was great.  Haven’t done too much digital work lately, so I really had fun sinking my teeth into this one…get it. Because they are zombies… … Continue reading

Page seven, done…

Until I find something I want to change, that’s how it goes. Tried to get out of my comfort zone with this page and include a birds eye shot of the warehouse and some more dynamic angles on our lead, Leon. Can not wait to see color and sound effects on this page.     … Continue reading